Sunday, January 14, 2007

So Many Projects

I've been going through a lot of started projects, and there are a lot that need finishing. It's overwhelming sometimes, because I keep starting new ones, so they keep piling up. There are some things that I decided aren't working. One is the Lotus Blossom Tank. I really like it, but it won't fit me. If I redo it, I need more bamboo yarn. But I have to decide whether it's worth it to spend so much on something I might not wear. I get caught up in how good a pattern is to knit, and how interesting it looks, without making sure that it's something I'll actually use.
I want to just finish what I already started and only use yarn from my stash, with the exception of socks. I really want to make socks, and have started a couple of times, but they didn't fit. I decided to start with Widdershins, because I already have the yarn for that. The next thing would be to redo the Baudelaires, which are too big. I have to make gauge swatches for the yarn, since I don't know which size needles to use. I hate making swatches, but I think it necessary. I also got some Fearless Fibers yarn, but I haven't decided which socks to make with it. I'm also making progress with my entrelac scarf. I might put the Lady Eleanor (from Scarf Style) -style fringe on it, but I haven't decided yet.