Friday, May 18, 2007

Mesilla Sans Embroidery

I finished Mesilla, after redoing the neck twice. The first time I didn't pick up enough stitches, so it was way too small. It came out smaller than the sleeves, actually. The second time, I increased stitches in the blue foldover part, so it would lie flat. Otherwise the folded over neck area seemed to curl over and wouldn't stay folded over. I may or may not still put on the embroidery.
I used Mission Falls cotton in Sea for the main color, and Jade, Wintergreen, and Dark Blue for the rest. I really liked using the Mission Falls, since it's really soft. I also got most of the yarn really cheaply on Ebay, otherwise I probably wouldn't have used this brand. The main thing I think I would change is too make it a little longer. Otherwise, it's a really comfortable sweater, and was pretty easy to knit.


Batty said...

Too bad you had to redo the neck, but it looks very pretty now. I like it even without the embroidery!

Raeknits!_and_spins said...

Love it! I'm doing it too, but in just one color without the purl rows. I'm almost done with the body! Your colors are fabulous, I would agree, though, that the embroidery as she did it might be too much - maybe just a bit down near the bottom?

Emilee said...

I think it looks really nice just the way it is!

(I left off the embroidery too)