Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Stranded Colorwork is Awkward

I've been working on the Deep V Argyle Vest and so far, the main problem is that my gauge is off. I know that the gauge might change after I wash it, but I just figured I would start it, and see if my gauge was working out. I'm not sure if I should count on that or not. I really don't want to make a swatch and wash it, even thought that's what I should do. Making swatches feels so tedious, like I'm doing homework or something. The other problem is that my left hand feels so strange holding the yarn, but after finishing this, it should be much less awkward.

I pulled out two more projects that I had quit working on last fall, which I thought were coming out kind of small. But I decided to keep working on them and try to block them if I could. One is the Lotus Lace Tank with SWTC Bamboo in turquoise, and the other is Bonita with Knit Picks Shine sport
in hydrangea. After seeing all the progress I had made, I didn't want to just rip it out and either start over or abandon it completely. I would rather wear a too small sweater, than completely start over.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

First Amigurumi

I got these patterns from Etsy. They were both pretty easy, since I needed a quick project. The elephant was the first time I did amigarumi. I started the Deep V Argyle Vest from Eunny Jang, and already my gauge was off, so I had to restart it. I'm using Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport, which I like a lot. The instructions are really detailed, so I haven't had any problems so far. Another thing I realized was that the dpns I was using for socks are actually smaller than other size 2 needles, like Addi turbo. I don't know why they would be different sizes, but my according to my needles sizer, the Addi turbo are bigger than size 2. That's kind of weird.