Monday, July 16, 2007

Hemp Hat

I finished this hat sometime in June. It's the Maze hat from Knitty, in the colors pictured, Charcoal and Aubergine inAllhemp 6. This was a difficult yarn to knit with with, since it felt like twine and was hard on my hands. But it does seem really durable and went in the washing machine with no problem. I have enough left over to make another one in the opposite color scheme. I've also been working on Rusted Root, again in the same yarn as the pattern, Cotton Fleece Sedona red. I had originally made the medium size, but it turned out way too large. One thing that's weird about the pattern is that there is no schematic for the sweater sizes, so you have to do math in order to figure out how big it will get. But the size small fits, and I just have about six inches to go.

1 comment:

Ilix said...

Awesome hat!! I love that you have made it in hemp!
So you are having Rusted Root issues, I will have to check back to see how that goes, I haven't started mine yet... forwarned is um....for-armed? LOL That doesn't sound right.....but you know what I mean!