Sunday, May 06, 2007

New Pet Attacks Yarn

I haven't been knitting as much lately, mostly because I got a new kitten about three weeks ago. He's extremely playful, so that's it's hard to even get a picture of him standing still. I also haven't felt much like writing, for whatever reason. It was hard getting the two cats to get along, because the orange one is very territorial. He still seems annoyed with the kitten sometimes, but they seem to be getting along now. I'm still working on all the same projects, Bonita, from last year's Interweave; Baudelaire, and Eunny's Deep V Argyle vest. They all seem to be taking forever, especially Bonita, which has been in the WIP pile since last year. I'm using size three needles with Knit Picks Shine, so two rows seems to take about an hour. I'm thinking I should have left off some of the side lace and only done the diamonds in the center. Oh well, hopefully it'll fit.

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