Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Good Luck Cats

I have been working on a bunch of different projects sporadically. Right now, I've got two socks in progress and four sweaters. They are on hold while I finish some Christmas stuff. Two of the sweaters are cotton and they were kind of hard on my hands. I'm using Cotton Ease for both of them, which I like, but it definitely isn't as nice to knit with as wool. I got some new Dream in Color Smooshy, in Strange Harvest and Good Luck Jade, and it's hard to keep myself from casting on another project. I like the muted colors.
I at least want to finish two of the sweaters by the end of winter, so I'll have to wait to cast on. I also was looking back at the first sock I did, Baudelaire, and realized it was too big. It seemed okay at the time, but now after making a few others, I realize it could definitely fit tighter. With that pattern, I originally started with the size large, and now will end up at size small. It's always hard to tell how well something will fit, even if you do know your size. If I could somehow knit two sizes at the same time, then try them both on, that would help. But, I really liked those socks, so I don't mind doing them over. A lot of the patterns I have lined up are top down, so those will be a nice change.
I happened to get this picture of my cats, which I thought was funny. They like to lick each other's ears, for some reason.

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