Friday, September 16, 2005

Fantastically New Knitting Projects

I’ve started a couple of new knitting projects. One is a vest using up some of my leftover yarn, and the other is a basic cabled hat. The vest is one where I have to significantly change the pattern, so hopefully it will turn out okay. One thing I realized is that I like listening to audio books while I knit. Before, I was watching TV, but I can’t stand watching it most of the time, because it's so annoying. So, the audio books are much better. Another thing I’m trying is brioche knitting with two colors. It looks like one color is woven into the other, but the finished result looks different than just changing colors every other stitch. So far, I can make it look like it’s supposed to on one side, but the colors are supposed to be reversed on the opposite side, and that hasn’t worked yet. I’m glad it’ll be fall soon, so I can wear my knitted stuff!

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